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Children in a classroom

Children with dyslexia

If your child is living with dyslexia or dyscalculia, finding the right help can be a daunting prospect. White Rose Dyslexia Centre Ltd in Sheffield are here to offer support.

Is your child struggling?

It’s likely that you’ll be the first person to see the signs

As a parent you have a greater awareness of your own child’s challenges, often long before those difficulties and anxieties are evident to others within school, etc. You will have experienced first-hand their frustrations when arriving home from school, or when attempting homework, the low self-esteem and anxieties linked to their perceived failure. Watching your child struggle and not receive the appropriate support is a deeply upsetting experience for you, as well as for your child. Parents finding a source of information and practical advice can be life changing for children with dyslexia or dyscalculia. White Rose Dyslexia Centre can help you.

3 children reading on the floor
Teenagers talking and working

We will listen

It can be frustrating and worrying if your concerns for your child aren’t acknowledged, or you don’t know who to talk to for specialist advice and guidance. Often you just need to talk to an appropriate specialist who can listen, ask all the right questions, and then offer reassurance and/or advice as to whether you do have valid concerns. White Rose Dyslexia Centre can provide that.

We will help

We exist to offer a source of information, advice, practical support, and directions to other services that can help. Give our team a call – we are happy to provide initial advice and then point you in the right direction to access any number of specialist advisory organisations who have in-depth knowledge of SEND regulations and statutory support mechanisms.

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For more information about how we support children with dyslexia or dyscalculia and their families, contact White Rose Dyslexia Centre Ltd in Sheffield today. Please complete the form below.

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