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Students with dyslexia

If you work as an educator and are concerned about students with dyslexia, White Rose Dyslexia Centre Ltd in Sheffield can help you to make a difference.

Helping educators

Working together for the good of your students

Individuals with dyslexia, and other specific learning difficulties such as dyscalculia, often struggle to demonstrate and achieve their potential because relevant intervention, adjustment and support have not been identified and established. Resources are limited, so whether you are a school, college or training organisation, your resources need to be targeted effectively. Our assessment service is designed to ascertain where your resources can best be allocated; where differences can be made in learning achievement, as well as potentially enabling students to more accurately demonstrate their knowledge and ability in exams.


The flexible approach we take at White Rose Dyslexia Centre enables us to provide assessment services at our centre in Sheffield, or within your own organisation, whether that’s a school, college or training organisation. To find out more, just get in touch.

A young boy at a school desk
A secondary school class

Our experience

White Rose Dyslexia Centre is experienced in providing a range of specialist assessment services for schools, colleges and training organisations. We appreciate how challenging it is to identify and establish suitable support mechanisms for students with specific learning difficulties, particularly without a specialist analysis of their strengths and weaknesses.

How we can help

Our specialist services for educational establishments include dyslexia screening tests, full diagnostic assessments where appropriate, testing of exam access arrangements, and staff awareness training. Together, these services can help you and your team to make a significant difference in dyslexic students’ ability to fully and effectively access education.

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Get in touch

For more information about what White Rose Dyslexia Centre Ltd can do for students with dyslexia, please get in touch by completing the contact form on this page.

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