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Dyslexia is a specific type of difficulty that is typically characterised by a range of strengths and weaknesses. Dyslexia can affect processing skills (such as dealing with information, or organisational tasks), reading, spelling, memory, understanding and in some cases mathematical ability. Each person with dyslexia can have different symptoms; there is not one single pattern of difficulty – everyone is different. Dyslexia is NOT related to intelligence!

There is often great focus on the challenges of dyslexia, yet with it can come great strengths with individuals often having excellent problem-solving skills, creativity and visual strengths.

Many have very successful careers in creative and media industries, engineering, architecture, as well as the arts and entertainment.

  • Do you struggle with literacy tasks and take a long time to reflect on your ideas and knowledge in writing?
  • Do you struggle to understand and recall what you’ve read?
  • Do you have vivid memories of events from the past, but can’t accurately recall information from just a few moments ago?
  • Are you dependent on lists and reminders and is your life disorganised without them?

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If you want more advice as to whether you may be dyslexic and if screening and assessment is the logical next step for you, please contact us.