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Literacy and Math tuition for children

Lessons provided at White Rose Dyslexia Centre at our offices in the Alison Business Centre.

Many parents struggle to acquire appropriate support for children with dyslexia in school. Some children have negative experiences of education, often feeling they are stupid and this in turn can affect confidence and behaviour.

At the White Rose Dyslexia Centre we strive to create not just a positive learning environment, but also an opportunity for children to better understand how dyslexia affects them and the great strengths that can accompany it.

It is also an opportunity for you to share experiences with other parents who are facing the same anxieties and ‘battles’ in establishing appropriate support in education.

The programme of support that we offer is available for children to assess from home to complete additional work. At the Centre the lessons with last an hour, once a week, with no more than two learners working with each teacher.

Literacy lesson pricing: £20 per lesson including home access to the program.

Maths tuition: We do offer an online programme of support for maths tuition which is accessible from home. Contact us for details.

For more information on our teaching services please call 0114 265 6991 or email us via our contact us page.