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What is Irlen® Syndrome or visual stress?

Irlen® Syndrome, also known as visual stress, is a visual-perceptual disorder. It is not a problem with the eye, but a problem with the way the brain processes information from the eye.

Research shows it can affect up to 46% of people with a diagnosis of a specific learning difficulty. However, it can also affect 12-14% of the general population (i.e. those without any learning difficulties). General symptoms may include:

  • Discomfort or difficulty reading in bright or fluorescent light.
  • Difficulty reading print, numbers or music.
  • problems with concentration.
  • Slow reading rate.
  • Poor comprehension skills.
  • Feeling sleepy, tension or getting headaches when reading.
  • Eye strain/discomfort.
  • Difficulty copying writing (either from paper, a book or a whiteboard).

Not everyone who is dyslexic experiences visual distortion, just as not everyone who suffers with visual stress is necessarily dyslexic.  However, the improvement the correct colour of overlay and/or lenses can make, for those individuals who do experience this type of visual distortion, is often significant.

We charge £40 for visual stress testing (ex overlays) If you would like more information about visual stress and/or just want some advice, then please either call 0114 265 6991 or email us via our contact page.


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