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Dyslexia is a recognised difficulty under the Equality Act 2010, replacing the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that disabled people are not treated unfavourably and are offered reasonable and appropriate adjustments and/or support.

“Do you suspect that the challenges faced by a staff member may be due to dyslexia?”

“Has an employee informed you that they are dyslexic?”

“Are you unsure what your responsibilities are and how best to support them in the workplace?”

“Does it appear that their expertise and effort are not reflected in the quality and output of their work?”

These are questions, observations and concerns raised by managers, who may feel unsure as to an appropriate way forward in successfully supporting a member of staff.

We can offer advice and guidance, not just on how we can help, but signpost to key organisations and other specialists, where it is more appropriate.

Often a way forward lies within one, or a range of options, for example:

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