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Dyslexia Awareness Training

We can offer tailored awareness training sessions to meet the needs of your organisation.

If you are an employer then it is vital that your staff, particularly those holding supervisory and line management roles, have the ability to perhaps recognise indications of dyslexia along with an understanding of the strengths and challenges associated with it.

Dyslexic employees are less likely to experience work-related stress and anxiety where

  • Their manager has an understanding of dyslexia.
  • They receive mentoring and support in establishing coping mechanisms.
  • Appropriate and reasonable adjustments are identified and put in place.

As a business, your staff are less likely to discriminate against a dyslexic employee if they understand dyslexia and their responsibilities.

By meeting with you and getting to know your business we can then plan and deliver an appropriate and relevant session(s) to meet your needs.

For more information please call 0114 265 6991 or visit our contact us page.